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PAL Basketball



PAL offers Youth Basketball for ages 5-15 yrs.


We have 2 Basketball Seasons: Summer & Winter.  The Summer season starts the first weekend in June; Winter season starts approximately the first Friday in December.


Those of you new to Satellite Beach PAL Basketball, please be sure to bring a copy of your birth certificate and a current photo with you when registering.



Congratulations to all our teams for a successful season! 

And to our Winter Season Champions!


10-12 Division



First Place:  10-12 Green

                     Coached by:  Melissa Holder

                                           Gemma Miller

                                           Hampton Black

Sponsored by:  Moon Express  



 Second Place:  10-12 RedCoached by:  Paul Pilipovich

                   Rich Rozycki

Sponsored by: Jacobus Fielding


13-15 Division


First Place:  13-15 Black

Coached by: Erwin Holley

Sponsored by:  Knight's Basketball


Second Place:  10-12 Pink

Coached by:  Brandon Stillion

Sponsored by:  Flooring America